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 EuroCuba in Havana/Varadero (1) package.
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 EuroCuba in Varadero (1) package.
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Tips and advice are basic requirements for new travelers to Cuba. We will keep you updated and in tune with changes and subjects of interest that will make your stay more enjoyable and without pitfalls.

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Lay country with freedom of cults. Catholic and Afro-Cuban religions prevail, although other tendencies also exist.
The national currency is the Peso that is equal to 100 cents. Notes of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 50 pesos circulate. Fractional currencies of 1, 2, 5 and 20 cents, and others of 1 and 3 pesos.
Customs Regulations
Tourists can bring with them, tax free, two bottles of liquor, a carton of cigarettes and personal belongings, as well as their own jewels, photographic or videotape camera, typewriter, sport gears, etc. These should be reported when exiting the country.
Payment Forms
At tourist facilities and other service units, the prices are fixed in USA dollars and therefore it is advisable to pay with these. The exchange can be made from any convertible currency to dollar. MasterCard, Visa, CABAL and BFI credit cards are accepted
National Anniversaries
Although they are not holidays, they are also considered important dates: January 28: Anniversary of the birth of José Martí, Cuba’s National Hero, in 1853 February 24: Anniversary of the beginning of the War of Independence, in 1895 March 8: Internationa
Tourist Seasons
High: december 16 – december 21, january 4 – march 31, july 1 – august 24 Peak: December 22 – January 3 Low: 1st of November – December 15, 1st of april – june 30, august 25 – October 31
The electric appliances endowed with round spikes should be brought with an adapter of planes spikes that are the type used for the plugs existent in the country. Electric current of general use is 110 V 60 Hz, although in the recently constructed Cubana
Measure Units
The International Measuring Units is the one used in Cuba
Migratory Regulation
Visitors should posses an effective passport or a trip document stating their name and the corresponding visa or Tourist Card, excepting those countries that Cuba maintains Free Visa agreements with. Tourist Cards can be requested at the Cuban consular re
Sanitary Regulations
There are only restrictive sanitary for visitors coming from countries where yellow fever and endemic cholera exist or have been declared infection areas by the World Health Organization. In such cases, an International Vaccination Certificate is demanded
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